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How to Engage Your Audience: Top 10 Copywriting Tips

​Follow these 10 simple tips for writing more compelling copy to grab (and keep!) your audience’s attention.

1- Know Your Audience

Before you begin writing, take the time to research. What are your audience’s wants, needs and values? When it comes to cross-cultural communications, you also need to pay special attention to regional, cultural and linguistic considerations.

2- Know Your Market

Be creative but don’t reinvent the wheel entirely. What has worked in that market in the past? What are your competitors doing? How can you differentiate yourself? Build on what has already proven to be effective while presenting your ideas in a new and exciting way.

3- Use a Title Starting with ‘How to’

See what we did there? If you’re reading this, it’s likely because of our title. If your title doesn’t grab attention immediately, does the rest of your copy matter? For more tips on writing the perfect title, click here.

4- Open with a Strong Claim

Some people only skim and read the first sentence. Make it count.

5- Keep It Simple and Precise

If your copy is too long, no one will read it. Use clear sentences and straightforward language. Say what you want to say in the briefest way possible.

6- Use a Personal Tone

Write like you’re talking to a friend. Ask yourself: Would I speak like this in everyday conversation? Read your copy aloud to see how it flows. Better yet, read it to a colleague or friend for feedback.

7- Use Imperative Verbs

Verbs like ‘imagine’ and ‘consider’ help make copy more personal. You can also inspire your audience to take action with verbs like ‘call,’ ‘visit,’ ‘see,’ ‘feel,’ and so on.

8- Use Exclamation Marks Sparingly

While exclamation points can help create a sense of urgency, excitement and even friendliness, they can potentially distract from your message and seem unprofessional.

9- Highlight the Benefits

Don’t talk about how great you are; talk about what you can do for your audience. Instead of ‘Superior mattress,’ think ‘Restful sleep.’ ‘Best mobile?’ Try ‘Keeps you connected’ instead. You get the idea.

10- Let Images Do the Talking for You

Images should draw people in and make them want to read your copy. Just like your copy, visuals should be as simple as possible.

With our Top 10 Copywriting Tips in mind, think about what kinds of articles and blog posts pique your interest. Do they follow these principles? What about your favourite websites and ads?

Did you find these tips useful? What are your best copywriting tricks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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