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5 Easy Steps to Getting More Freelance Work Through Agencies

​Whether you’re a translator, copywriter, editor or other communications professional, you’ll likely want to work as a freelancer at some point in your career – either to supplement your income or to have the freedom to dictate your own workload.

Here are our top 5 tips for landing more freelance work through agencies:

1- Distinguish yourself on social media

Follow and like your favourite agencies’ social media accounts. Engage with them and increase your visibility by liking, commenting, retweeting and favouriting their content. Don’t forget to post interesting, industry-relevant content in case they check out your profile!

2- Research the agencies

Take the time to read through agency websites and social media pages. Do your skills and expertise match the agency’s areas of specialization? If so, get in touch. Keep your introductory e-mail brief and be sure to mention why you’d be a good fit.

3- Submit your CV/portfolio and follow up

Agency recruiting departments tend to be inundated with applications so you may not get a reply when you submit your CV/portfolio. Don’t be discouraged! Wait a few weeks then follow up, mentioning that you are still available for projects.

4- Communicate regularly

Once you land a freelance job, establish a good relationship with the agency. The best way to do this is to send a few updates throughout the project. A simple “On track to finish by the deadline” message goes a long way.

5- Always deliver your work on time or early

This should be a no-brainer; agencies allocate work to freelancers they can count on.

Do you have any other tips for getting freelance work through agencies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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